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IDLS2023 Training Day - Option 3

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Introduction to Network Management
Presented by: David MacDonald

This training will introduce the attendees to the technical and operational aspects of Link 16, Link 22, and JREAP (VMF is covered by Tony and Aeronix). This is designed to provide a road map of additional topics the attendee may wish to explore further in other venues and class offerings. Topics will include; Information Exchange Requirements, Data Link Planning, Network Design, Network Initialization, and Network Operations.

Target audience: beginning to intermediate TDL users.

- Introduction to Network Management
Not just for Link 16 :
  • Link 22
  • other Links
- Information Exchange Requirements
What they are.
How they translate to Data Link requirements.
  • Location: Connectivity, Relay, Forwarding
  • Mission: Message exchange
  • Security: Crypto requirements/isolation
  • Capabilities: Addresses, Track Block, duties, translation
- Network Design (Link 16)
Provide requirements to Network Designer:
  • They dump it into the gonkulator
  • Push out NDD and Load Files
Network Description Document:
  • How to read it
Load Files:
  • What’s in them
  • Why are they important/What makes them so special
  • Shredouts
- Planning
Multi-TDL Design
Different Data Links
- Initialization
  • System
    • Requirements for different links
    • Link 16
    • Demo initializing a terminal.
    • Link 16
    • Demo initializing a terminal.
    • JREAP Initialization
    • JREAP A
    • JREAP C
    • Link 22
    • Network
    • Link 16
    • JREAP
    • Link 22
    - Operations
    • Link 16
    • Synchronization and Navigation
    • Information exchange
    • JREAP
    • Information exchange
    • Routing
    • Filtering
    • Link 22
    • Super network
    • Nile Network