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IDLS2023 Training Day - Option 2

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Introduction to the Variable Message Format over Combat Net Radio Tactical Data Link
Presented by: Tony Bils

Aeronix conducts both product‐based training and product agnostic training on the VMF over CNR subject for its world wide customer base. Aeronix recommends the following training syllabus for IDLS 2023 (Training Day on 30th October). This syllabus tailors our more comprehensive product-agnostic training to fit within the requisite one-day training window and features the following topics:

  • Topic #1: Introduction to VMF Tactical Data Link
  • Topic #2: Introduction to MIL-STD-6017
  • Topic #3: Introduction to MIL-STD-2045-47001
  • Topic #4: Fundamentals of Terminal Phase Close Air Support
  • Topic #5: Introduction to MIL-STD-188-220
  • Topic #6: Troubleshooting VMF Communications

The training will be a combination of PowerPoint presentations and data link demonstrations. The demonstrations execute on a simulated network on the instructor’s PC (ie. no radios or hardware modems/cabling are required). Aeronix will use experienced trainers already familiar with the above material.