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IDLS2023 Masterclass 1

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MIDS-JTRS & MIDS LVT BU2 Operations and Maintenance Training
Presented by: Tim Trudeau

As the transition of crypto-modernized radios has come and more and more MIDS JTRS and MIDS LVT BU2 radios are utilized by allied nations, we are starting to see the critical need for the basic to intermediate level of knowledge need for proper operation of MIDS-JTRS and the Block Upgrade 2 (BU2) version of the MIDS LVT. By adding more specific training in areas of concern to the operations and maintenance of the MIDS-JTRS Software Defined Radio (SDR) and MIDS LVT BU2 and understanding of the Software Architecture for both radios. This new understanding will benefit any operator, maintainer or engineer. This course will provide a fundamental overview of the software architecture of the CMN-4 radio and the HMIG interface terminal web server use case in how to conduct fault finding, diagnose and report and the proper repair processes or level for the MIDS-JTRS. Secondly, the course will provide an overview of the MIDS LVT BU2 Retrofit/Production radios to include SRU and LRU overview, fault finding and isolation, report, and proper repair processes for the MIDS LVT BU2.

This course will first introduce the radios and their proper set up and operations. Proper setup can eliminate many faults that have been reported and clear up many issues that operators and maintainers face. Following the proper introduction to both radios, a deeper understanding of operations, fault isolation, troubleshooting, crypto loading, and repair processes will be addressed.

The Three-Day course will cover the introduction and intermediate level training that focuses on the fundamental principles of all L3Harris Link 16 family of radios.

  • TACAN Overview
  • Introduction to MIDS-JTRS
  • CMN-4 Overview
  • Human Machine Interface Guard (HMIG)/MIDS-JTRS Built-In-Test
  • MIDS-JTRS Support Equipment
  • Troubleshooting/Maintenance Techniques
  • MIDS JTRS Crypto Modernization
  • Crypto Loading Overview
  • Introduction to KOR-24A/B
  • Introduction to PRC-161
  • Web interfaces/External Host Interfaces Overview
  • STT/BATS-D Built in Test Features
  • STT/BATS-D Support Equipment
  • CMN-4 Overview
  • STT/BATS-D Crypto Modernization
MIDS BU2 Topics (Day 3)
  • MIDS LVT BU2 Overview
  • MIDS BU2 Upgrade Process
  • MIDS BU2 Built-In-Test
  • MIDS-BU2 Support Equipment
  • Troubleshooting/Maintenance Techniques
  • Operating BU2 and MIDS JTRS & Legacy MIDS LVT
  • BU2 Crypto Modernization
  • Crypto Loading differences