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IDLS 2023 101 Courses

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A Day in the life of Link 16: Planning to Debrief
Presented by: Brian Bass

This three-day, Link 16 101 course will take a different approach to traditional Link 16 training. Link 16 fundamentals will be discussed in a linear fashion from the point of view of an operator preparing for, conducting, and debriefing an operational mission with Link 16. Deep-dive explanations as to “why” and “how” certain aspects of Link 16 fundamentals occur throughout the flow.

Participants will take part in various small in-course exercises, that build up to a final planning exercise that enables Link 16 operations supporting a daily-training flying mission.

Target Audience: Link 16 operators/trainers with zero to 5 years Link 16 experience.

Prerequisites: none, however some operational Link 16 experience will be helpful

Presentation/Teaching methods: lecture, video, simulation, with associated hand-outs, participative exercises, and open discussion